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Publications Database


Sarah C. Fuller Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs-North Carolina (GEAR UP NC) Impact Analysis (pdf) 2017 Report
Douglas L. Lauen, Sarah Fuller, Nathan Barrett, Ludmila Janda Early Colleges at Scale: Impacts on Secondary and Postsecondary Outcomes 2017 Journal Article
Kevin C. Bastian, Julie T. Marks Connecting Teacher Preparation to Teacher Induction: Outcomes for Beginning Teachers in a University-Based Support Program in Low-Performing Schools 2017 Journal Article
Kevin C. Bastian, Peter Goff North Carolina School Leadership Survey: Initial Report (pdf) 2017 Report
Kevin C. Bastian, David M. McCord, Julie T. Marks, Dale Carpenter A Temperament for Teaching? Associations Between Personality Traits and Beginning Teacher Performance and Retention 2017 Journal Article
Kevin C. Bastian, Min Sun and Heather Lynn What Do Graduate Surveys Tell Us About Teacher Preparation Quality? (pdf) 2017 Brief
Kevin C. Bastian, Qi W. Xing University-Based Beginning Teacher Induction: Outcomes for North Carolina New Teacher Support Program Teachers in 2015-16 (pdf) 2017 Brief
Sarah Crittenden Fuller, Cassandra R. Davis The characteristics and education outcomes of American Indian students in grades 6–12 in North Carolina (pdf) 2016 Report
Kevin C. Bastian and Sarah C. Fuller Answering the Bell: High School Start Times and Student Academic Outcomes (pdf) 2016 Brief
Kevin C. Bastian and C. Kevin Fortner Which Credentials Predict the Performance of Early Grades Reading Teachers? (pdf) 2016 Brief
Kevin C. Bastian, Gary T. Henry, Yi Pan, Diana Lys Teacher candidate performance assessments: Local scoring and implications for teacher preparation program improvement (pdf) 2016 Journal Article
Kevin C. Bastian, Tiffany Watts The Academic Credentials of Teacher Education Candidates and Graduates in North Carolina (pdf) 2016 Brief
Kevin C. Bastian, Sarah C. Fuller The North Carolina Principal Fellows Program: A Comprehensive Evaluation (pdf) 2015 Brief
Gary T. Henry, Kevin C. Bastian Measuring Up: The National Council on Teacher Quality’s Ratings of Teacher Preparation Programs and Measures of Teacher Performance (pdf) 2015 Brief