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Educator Workforce

Access to effective teachers and school leaders impacts school and student success. EPIC’s work explores the distribution, employment, effectiveness, and retention of teachers, school leaders, and other educators.

Elementary school kids sitting around teacher in a classroom

Equitable Distribution of Effective and Diverse Teachers in North Carolina

With sponsorship from the Belk Foundation, EPIC examines the distribution of effective, well-credentialed, and diverse teachers to K-12 students in North Carolina. We focus on the distribution of teachers to students who are economically-disadvantaged, of color, and low-performing and seek to understand the extent to which variation in access to high quality teachers is attributable to between district, within district, and within school mechanisms. This study aims to elevate the issue of equitable access to teachers among more stakeholders in North Carolina. Please contact Kevin Bastian for more information.

Elementary Grades Teacher Specialization

In this project EPIC uses data from across North Carolina to measure the incidence of subject-area specialization in elementary grades, examine the characteristics and prior effectiveness of teachers that specialize, and assess the impact of subject-area specialization on teacher effectiveness, teacher retention, and student achievement. This work provides state and local education officials with evidence to improve their teacher assignment decisions. Please contact Kevin Bastian for more information.