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Research Areas

two teachers discussing collaborating

Educator Preparation

Educator preparation programs train the next generation of teachers, school leaders, and other educators. EPIC’s work explores the effects of university-based and non-traditional preparation programs.

Elementary school kids sitting around teacher in a classroom

Educator Workforce

Access to effective teachers and school leaders impacts school and student success. EPIC’s work explores the distribution, employment, effectiveness, and retention of teachers, school leaders, and other educators.

students walking into school holding hands

Whole School

Unique school models and whole school interventions are designed to promote success for all students. EPIC’s work explores the implementation and effectiveness of these school-wide programs.

Group of Kids Playing at the Field Together

Whole Child

Students come to school with a wide range of health, nutritional, and socio-emotional needs that impact their readiness to learn. EPIC’s work explores policies, programs, and circumstances that impact whole child needs.

Two students dressed in black graduation gown smiling


Transitioning to post-secondary education is a key challenge for many high school students. EPIC’s work explores interventions and school models that promote post-secondary readiness, access, and transitions.