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EPIC’s team includes expert quantitative and qualitative researchers from the fields of education, public policy, and public health.

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Danielle Allen

Research Assistant Professor
CV / Resume (pdf)

Danielle J. Allen is a qualitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Education Policy, Leadership, and School Improvement. Her research interests include the role of Black faith communities in advocating for and providing high quality educational opportunities for students and families as well state-level efforts to address equity within education.

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Kevin Bastian

Kevin C. Bastian

Director of Research and Research Associate Professor
CV / Resume (pdf)

Kevin Bastian is a quantitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Public Policy. His research interests include educator preparation, labor markets, and on-the-job learning; estimating teacher and principal effectiveness; the distribution of educational resources; and using data to inform the improvement of educator preparation programs.

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Elizabeth D'amico

Elizabeth D’Amico

Director of Operations and Finance

Elizabeth D’Amico serves as the Director of Research Operations and Finance for EPIC. Elizabeth regularly participates in the development of research budgets, performs technical reviews of reports and grants, and is an active participant in project planning with both internal and external research team members.

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Sarah Fuller

Sarah Crittenden Fuller

Research Associate Professor
CV / Resume (pdf)

Sarah Crittenden Fuller is a quantitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Public Policy. Her research interests include health impacts on education, natural disasters, high school interventions, post-secondary transitions, the distribution of highly effective teachers, and achievement gaps in education.

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Dan Gitterman

Daniel P. Gitterman

Duncan MacRae ’09 and Rebecca Kyle MacRae Professor and Chair of Public Policy
CV / Resume (pdf)

Daniel Gitterman is the Executive Director of EPIC and the Chair of the Department of Public Policy. His research interests include: the American Presidency and public policy; education and labor markets; the American welfare state and politics of social and health policy, and globalization and labor standards.

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Simona Goldin

Simona Goldin

Research Associate Professor
CV / Resume (pdf)

Simona Goldin is a qualitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Educational Studies and a master’s degree in management and urban policy analysis. Her research and scholarship consider efforts to transform the preparation of beginning teachers to teach in more racially just and equitable ways. Her most recent work has looked carefully at the ways that innovations are weaponized against the very communities they are meant to support. Goldin serves as co-chair of the Equity in Schools Project Team on the UNC Commission on History, Race, and a Way Forward

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Steven Hemelt

Associate Professor of Public Policy EPIC Faculty Fellow
CV / Resume (pdf)

Steve Hemelt is a quantitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His research interests intertwine the economics of education, education policy, labor economics, and program evaluation. His current work focuses on transitions to life after high school, skill demand, college costs, and student success in higher education, particularly for students from low-income backgrounds.

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Douglas Lee Lauen

Professor of Public Policy Director of Graduate Admissions EPIC Faculty Fellow

Douglas Lauen is a quantitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Sociology. His research interests include the effects of educational policies, school types, and school contextual factors on student outcomes.

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Julie Marks

Julie T. Marks

Director of Program Evaluation and Senior Research Associate
CV / Resume (pdf)

Julie Marks is a mixed methods researcher with a Ph.D. in Public Health. Her research interests include evaluation of federal and state-level programs and policies, efforts to support low-performing schools, and equitable access to high quality educational opportunities.

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Camille Mikkelsen

Research Assistant
CV / Resume (pdf)

Camille Mikkelsen is a quantitative researcher with a Master’s degree each in Public Policy and Special Education. Her research interests, influenced by her time in the classroom, include gender and racial equity in STEM fields, equitable and just access to special education services, school culture and staff culture, and the impacts of COVID-19 on the education system as well as individual achievement.

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Sam Ntsua

Samuel Ntsua

Data Manager

Samuel N’tsua serves as the data manager at EPIC. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics. He oversees the acquisition, management, and processing of research data across projects at EPIC.

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Rachel Rana

Rachel Rana

Research Associate

Rachel Rana is a mixed methods researcher with a Master’s degree in Public Health. Her research interests include education and health equity, juvenile justice, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

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Jenny Sawada

Postdoctoral Research Associate
CV / Resume (pdf)

Jenny Sawada is a qualitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Educational Studies from the University of Michigan. Her work is rooted in participatory action research, emphasizing practices such as oral history, community narrative, and co-constructed representation. Her research centers equity and social justice, using counter-storytelling to challenge dominant narratives.

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